081888 is a golden era.

Leader, rapper, singer, compositor, whatever you want.
ig ang beat that shit.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
I'll wait a thousand years, just to see you smile again.
Hi Hyung, welcome to Mirage. I'm sorry if this is late, Idol life is just stressful. {'a small frown makes its way to his lips before turning it upside down <-- See what I did there?} Hope you have as much here as I have!

Hehe, such a smart dongsaeng, huh? [—chuckling under his breath, he clasped his fingers together with a nod] Let’s not be strangers, aight?

'Aye! Welcome to Mirage. Hope your enjoy your stay and stuff, yeah?

Sure will, yeah! Thanks for the welcome. 

Aye, sunbae, welcome to the fam! I hope you enjoy your time here.

Ayee, look at y’all people making me feel so important. Thanks!

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yeah. fanboy of myself. -laughs, patting your cheek-

yah, that’s not what i meant and you know it. [—squints at]

you always fanboys over me? -nods as he smiles brightly- my number one fanboy. you make my heart flatters. -laughs-

[—snickers] now, now, don’t let it get too much to you, man. [—pats shoulder playfully] since you’re one yourself. 

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Is hyung being a fan over me? Shit, I’m hella flattered. 


You seem surprised.

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